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Join The Allies!

Join us at the Women In Corporate Allies 2021 Virtual Conference, to be held on September 3rd, 2021, Friday

Be a part of India's most comprehensive virtual conference for women with:

  • Sessions around career growth, leadership and navigating career challenges

  • Opportunities to listen to industry stalwarts

  • Discussions on subjects adjacent to work, such as self-care and long-term health

  • And the chance to connect with other women who are as ambitious and talented as you!

Women In Corporate Allies 2021

WICA 2021 is free to attend for all registered participants. Registration compulsory. If you have already nominated yourself for the Women In Corporate Awards 2021, you are pre-registered and do not need to register again. 

The Women In Corporate Allies virtual conference is a space for Indian women* across domains/ industries and at different stages of their careers, to come together in a positive and thoughtful space. 

Men who would like to be allies to women at work, and better understand the challenges and needs of their female peers and reportees at work will also benefit from attending this conference. 


* We use the term women to include cis-gender as well as trans-gender women, believing firmly in an inclusive space for all women. We also welcome you if you identify as non-binary, gender-fluid or gender-queer. 

Thank you for registering to attend WICA 2021. Stay tuned for more information (will be sent to your registered email address).



Moving ahead in our careers, two steps at a time!


Enabling each other & enabling inclusive organisations


 Meeting the challenges that come our way

Overview of sessions. Complete agenda coming soon!

Keep thriving: How to succeed when life, work & everything else collides

Return to Work post career break: Managing the transition during a pandemic

What to expect from a Career Coach (and what they cannot do for your career!)

Corporate warrior to Business owner - how to take that decision

Financial Wellness - Women Taking Charge of their finances

How to assert yourself as a leader in a male dominated industry

Women supporting women - Practical ways to exercise your power at work

Using social media to advance in your career - Why it is important to create your personal footprint on social media