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Women In Corporate

Awards 2020

Presented by Women's Web

Women's Web presents the Women In Corporate Awards 2020 to recognise the achievements of women at work in India Inc, across sectors, and at different stages of their careers.

In its second edition this year, The Women In Corporate Awards 2020 are being awarded to women who have significant achievements to show, as Innovation, Diversity or Growth Champions within their organisations and industries. 

We are recognising women at every stage of their careers, starting with 3 years of experience, to over 22 years.


While you can see the awardees below, let's put our hands up to applaud every woman who stood up to be counted!

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WICA 2020 Diversity Champions

WICA 2020 Diversity Champions - Emerging

Vandana Saxena Emerging.png

WICA 2020 Diversity Champions - Luminary

Priyanka Mohanty Luminary.png
Thara Raju Luminary.png
Deepa Davala Luminary.png

WICA 2020 Diversity Champions - Trailblazer

Malthi SS Trailblazer.png
Debanjana Choudhari.png
Pamini Trailblazer.png
Aishwarya Singh Emerging.png
Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan Emerging.png

WICA 2020 Growth Champions

WICA 2020 Growth Champions - Emerging

Nidhi Singh Emerging.png
Krishna Tejaswani Emerging.png
Akansha Kapoor.png

WICA 2020 Growth Champions - Luminary

Geetika Luminary.png
Gauri Das Luminary.png
Ronita Luminary.png

WICA 2020 Growth Champions - Trailblazer

Ruchita Trailblazer.png
Jayashree Trailblazer.png
Bhumika Trailblazer.png

WICA 2020 Innovation Champions

WICA 2020 Innovation Champions - Emerging

Nikitha Madan Emerging.png
Pinki Bhuyan Emerging.png
Sowmya Emerging.png

WICA 2020 Innovation Champions - Luminary

Sunitha Luminary.png
Harinee Luminary.png
Ananta Luminary.png

WICA 2020 Innovation Champions - Trailblazer

Gunjan Trailblazer.png
Jayashree Trailblazer (1).png
Priya Karkera.png
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