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Women In Corporate

Awards 2019

Presented by Women's Web

With 500 nominations, WICA 2019 has been an enriching experience for the whole community - every one of these 500 women stood up to be counted, and have her success story told. 

Here is the final list of 25 awardees, who were felicitated for their work as Diversity, Growth and Innovation Champions.

You can read more here about our eminent jurors and the process followed to confer awards.

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Diversity Champions

Tina Vinod_edited.jpg

Tina Vinod

Trailblazer WICA for Diversity

Head, Diversity & Inclusion

ThoughtWorks India

Pinky Pradhan.jpg

Pinky Pradhan

Trailblazer WICA for Diversity

Director, Communications & Marketing

Plan India

Anupama Pillai.jpg



Trailblazer WICA for Diversity

Director, Human Resources

Diebold Nixdorf

Padmavathy Ravichandran.jpg



Luminary WICA for Diversity

Senior Manager - Talent Management

GAVS Technologies

Nida Hasan_edited.jpg

Nida Hasan

Luminary WICA for Diversity

Country Director, India

Resham Chhabra.jpg

Resham Chhabra

Luminary WICA for Diversity

Head of Communications,

NestAway Technologies

Disha Dhairyawan

Disha Dhairyawan

Emerging WICA for Diversity

Manager, Regulatory Affairs

Nestle Skin Health

Top 15 Shortlisted Nominees for Diversity

  1. Tina Vinod, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, ThoughtWorks India

  2. Disha Dhairyawan, Manager : Regulatory Affairs, Nestle Skin Health

  3. Padmavathy Ravichandran. Senior Management, Talent Management, GAVS Technologies Pvt Ltd

  4. Shweta Joshi, Strategic Account Manager, Amway India Enterprises

  5. Amarjeet Sharma, Director-HR, APAC, Mediaocean Asia Pvt Ltd

  6. Anupama Pillai, Director-HR, Diebold Nixdorf

  7. Nida Hasan, Country Director,, India

  8. Deepa Davala, Assistant Manager, Accenture Services India Pvt Ltd

  9. Pinky Pradhan, Director Communications and Marketing, Plan India

  10. Resham Chhabra, Head of Communications, Nestaway Technologies Pvt Ltd

  11. Kapila Rattan Bhowmik, SME Arcsight, Service Delivery Coordinator Managed Security services, DXC Technology

  12. Manjit Legha, Director, Academics & Training, Little Millennium Education Pvt Ltd

  13. Laxmi Todiwan, Professor and HOD, Apeejay Institute of Hospitality

  14. Deepa Vijayaraghavan, Director PMO, PayPal India Private Limited

  15. Soraya Rebello, VP Hospitality & CSR Head-Jakson Group

Growth Champions

Padma Parthasarathy.jpeg



Trailblazer WICA for Growth

Sr. Vice-President and Global Head, Consulting and Digital Transformation Services, 

Tech Mahindra

Sanchita Banerjee.jpg



Trailblazer WICA for Growth

Chief General Manager, LPG & Head of Department,

Oil India Limited

Nischala Murthy Kaushik.jpeg

Nischala Murthy


Trailblazer WICA for Growth

Global Marketing Director - Innovation and Technology Ecosystem,


Anshul Agarwal.jpeg

Anshul Agarwal

Luminary WICA for Growth

Senior User Researcher,


Priyanka Puri.jpeg

Priyanka Puri

Luminary WICA for Growth

Group Product Head Marketing,

Marico India Ltd

Ria Shroff Desai.jpeg

Ria Shroff Desai

Luminary WICA for Growth

Associate Vice President - People Operations

Sula Vineyards Pvt Ltd.

Anupama Tej.jpg

Anupama Tej

Emerging WICA for Growth

Founding Member & Chief Operating Officer,


Samina Ansari.jpeg

Samina Ansari

Emerging WICA for Growth

Group Product Manager,

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

NIharika Joshi.jpeg

Niharika Joshi

Emerging WICA for Growth

Senior Manager, Customer Strategy & Growth,


Top 20 Shortlisted Nominees for Growth

  1. Pooja Archana Patnaik, Senior Manager - Strategic Projects, nFaktor Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  2. Anam Shaikh, Manager - Learning & Development, Novartis

  3. Anshul Agarwal, Senior User Researcher, Flipkart

  4. Niharika Joshi, Senior Manager, Customer Strategy & Growth, Uber

  5. Ruby Mathew, Digital Marketing Anlalyst, Redington

  6. Radhika Chavan, Director - Technology, Synechron Technologies

  7. Nischala Murthy Kaushik, Global Marketing Director - Innovation & technology Ecosystem, Wipro

  8. Meenakshi Patil, Head Emerging Technologies - IGNITE, IBM India Pvt Ltd.

  9. Priyanka Puri, Group Product Head - Marketing, Marico India Ltd.

  10. Priyam Bortamuli, Consultant Corporate Communication & Branding, Motherhood Hospitals

  11. Ria Shroff Desai, Associate Vice President, People Operations, Sula Vineyards Pvt Ltd

  12. Ramya Nirmal, Director, Sengen Software Private Ltd

  13. Anupama Tej, Founding Member & Chief Operating Officer, Tinystep

  14. Bhavna Tewari, Deputy General Manager Marketing, U2opia Mobile Pvt Ltd

  15. Rekha Nahar, General Manager, MTR Foods Pvt Ltd

  16. Samina Ansari, Group Product Manager, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

  17. Visalakshi Subramaniam, Global Head of Retail - ThoughtWorks

  18. Sanchita Banerjee, Chief General Manager LPG, Oil India Limited

  19. Suneetha Nagaraj, Director (Customer Satisfaction & quality), Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd

  20. Padma Parthasarathy, Sr Vice President & Global Head, Consulting & Digital Transformation Services, Tech Mahindra

Innovation Champions

Sitara Unni.jpg

Sitara Unni

Trailblazer WICA for Innovation

Affordable Care Portfolio Services Leader

GE Healthcare

Poornima BS.jpg

Poornima BS

Trailblazer WICA for Innovation

Zonal Coordinator Operations

Karnataka Health Promotion Trust

Madhavi Irani.jpg

Madhavi Irani

Trailblazer WICA for Innovation

Chief Officer - Content,

(FSNE Commerce Ventures)

Anupriya Balikai.jpg

Anupriya Balikai

Luminary WICA for Innovation

Managing Director, Operations & Strategy, 

Spookfish Innovations Pvt. Ltd

Sitara Panikar.jpg

Sitara Panikar

Luminary WICA for Innovation

Director- Marketing & Commercial Operations, India. APAC Innovation lead, Healthcare, 

Beiersdorf India

Harinee Muralinath.jpg

Harinee Muralinath

Luminary WICA for Innovation

Security Practice Lead - India,

ThoughtWorks India

Riya Shah Thakkar.JPG

Riya Shah Thakkar

Emerging WICA for Innovation

Senior Functional Safety Engineer,

Harman Connected Services

Anitha Raj.png

Anitha Raj

Emerging WICA for Innovation

Cloud Technology - Digital infrastructure and security,

Tata Communications

Subineta Pandey.jpg

Subineta Pandey

Emerging WICA for Innovation

Regional Business Manager,

Dermatology & Rheumatology,

Novartis Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

Top 20 Shortlisted Nominees for Innovation

  1. Amanda Puravankara, Director, Provident Housing Limited

  2. Anitha Raj, Product Manager, Tata Communications

  3. Roopa Jayaraman, VP, Program Management, Odessa

  4. Revathy Kannan, Lead - Software Engineering, Fidelity Investments Inc Ltd

  5. Anushree Dewen, Sr Brand Manager, Nestle Skin Health India Pvt Ltd

  6. Riya Shah, Senior Functional Safety Engineer, Harman Connected Services 

  7. Sitara Panikar, Director- Marketing & Commercial Operations, India. APAC Innovation lead, Healthcare, Beiersdorf India

  8. Shashikala Gowda, Assistant Manager, Syngene International Limited

  9. Subineta Pandey, Regional Business Manager, Novartis Healthcare Pvt Ltd

  10. Akina Jacob, Associate Manager - Service Delivery, Sutherland Global Services 

  11. Sumana Roychowdhury, Science Manager, Unilever 

  12. Madhavi Irani, Chief Officer - Content, FSNE Commerce Ventures Pvt Ltd (

  13. Rashim Arora, Vice President - Risk, Compliance & Quality, Fiserv India Pvt Ltd

  14. Anupriya Balikai, Managing Director, Spookfish Innovations Pvt Ltd

  15. Dr. Smitha Samdariya, Chief Medical Officer, Assistant Vice President, Vidal Health Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd.

  16. Poornima BS, Zonal Coordinator, Karnataka Health Promotion Trust

  17. Sitara Unni, Affordable Care Portfolio Services Leader, GE Healthcare

  18. Shilpa Sharma, Senior Engineering Manager, Unisys India

  19. Harshada Mondkar, Manager - Insurance, Marico Limited

  20. Harinee Muralinath, Security Practice Lead - India, ThoughtWorks India

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