Women In Corporate Awards 2022

Presented by Women's Web



Growth Champions

For women in corporate India who have

driven team/company growth



Diversity Champions

For women in corporate India who have enabled true diversity in the company



Innovation Champions

For women in corporate India who have powered product, business or process innovation


Do you see yourself as a Champion? Here's why you should!

Women in India Inc are making great strides every day, and it's time to recognise that; even as we know that there is a long way to go. By showing up every day, by delivering growth in your role, by innovating in any capacity, and by making India Inc more inclusive, you are a potential Champion, who should be nominated here.

Women's Web presents the Women In Corporate Awards 2022 to recognise the achievements of women at work in India Inc, across sectors, and at different stages of their careers.

In its fourth edition this year, more than 25 awards will be presented by jurors to women at different stages of their career:

  • Emerging WICA (women with 3 to 7 years work experience)

  • Luminary WICA (women with 8 to 14 years work experience)

  • Trailblazer WICA (women with 15 to 22 years work experience)

Nominations for the Women in Corporate Awards 2022 is now open!

Meet the 2021 nominees here.

Awards will be announced on October 12th, Wednesday at the Women in Corporate Allies Virtual Conference. The conference has many inspiring sessions planned to help us grow Further. Stronger. Together. 

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Nominations for WICA 2022 is closed. See you next year!